On the off chance that you are a home buyer, real estate investor, or builder who isn’t exactly comfortable with Bangalore, you most likely would have a troublesome time making sense of which agency you should approach for particular purposes. Nobody likes to flitter starting with one agency then onto the next. However, the real estate administrative space in Bangalore is less muddled than it appears.


BBMP – Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike
BMRDA – Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority
BDA – Bangalore Development Authority

What is BBMP?

Curiously, the BBMP is the fourth biggest municipal corporation in India, beside the municipal corporations in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. It is the BBMP’s duty to meet the infrastructure and city necessities of Greater Bangalore. This incorporates constructing and looking after sewage, streets, extensions, and junk. The BBMP additionally handles squander administration and comparable exercises. To enhance the proficiency of the organization, the BBMP is partitioned in eight zones. The BBMP works intimately with the BDA and the Agenda for Bangalore Infrastructure Development Task Force (ABIDe).

What is BMRDA?

The BMRDA is a self-ruling body that designs, co-ordinates and directs the development of the Bangalore urban region, Bangalore rustic region and Ramnagar area. The BMRDA designs and manages arrive development in the entire of Bangalore Metropolitan Area. The Board of individuals from BMRDA incorporate the main pastor of Karnataka, senior authorities and heads of various development offices and divisions. The main pastor of Karnataka is the executive of the BMRDA The BDA additionally helps BMRDA by encouraging changes in the Development Policies of the Bangalore metropolitan district.

What is BDA?

Framed in 1976, the BDA falls under the purview of the Government of Karnataka. The BDA participates in zoning, arranging and control of land in Bangalore. The BDA additionally, plans urban development in the city considering the infrastructural necessities of various zones inside the city. The BDA is likewise in charge of the giving moderate homes to low pay people and monetarily weaker segments of the general public.

As BDA is the biggest land designer in Bangalore, it has won the First Award in the ninth exceptional Bridge National Awards Competition established by Indian Institution of Bridge Engineers. The BDA likewise reestablished the lakes in Agaram, Lalbagh and Benniganahalli. Some other agency endeavoring to create arrive in the Bangalore Metropolitan Region should look for the authorization of the BDA.

Guidelines For Home Buyers, Builders And Real Estate Investors For Investing In Bengaluru

Here are some quick guidelines on which agency you should approach while engaging in real estate activities in Bangalore:

  • If you are a builder who is seeking approval for building and layout plans, you should approach the BDA.

  • The BBMP collects property taxes, and maintains the layouts of buildings according to the plans approved by the BDA. The BBMP also provides “Khata” or documentation.

  • The BBMP provides specific guidelines regarding the construction and maintenance of drainage, road, and amenities while developing land.

  • It is not safe to purchase a plot of land that is approved by the Gram Panchayat approved land if the BDA has not approved it. It would be difficult to get financing from external sources. 

  • To convert agricultural land for residential use, the owner should approach the Deputy Commissioner. To get a stamp of approval from the Deputy Commissioner, the layout plan needs should be approved by the BDA or the BMRDA according to the zone under which the property lies. However,at present the government has put this on hold for an indefinite period.

  • In urban Bangalore, the BDA if supposed to give a No Objection Certificate (BDA) while building on a piece of property. In rural Bangalore, you should approach the BMRDA.

  • The BDA provides two types of No Objection Certificate (NOC). The first is to certify that the agency had not tried to acquire that plot of land. The second is to certify that the BDA approves the residential layout plan of the builder. It is necessary to acquire both NOCs before developing land.

If you keep these guidelines in mind, investing in property in Bangalore would be easier.