PropAudit – Property Review Expert.


Now a days the process of buying a home is consuming a lot of time and also it’s not so easy to get the actual and accurate information to make a right decision of buying a home.

PropAudit is here to solve this issue for the home-buyers by providing a platform where they can get exact information and review of any property. We created a platform to users to share their opinions, feedback’s and reviews

PropAudit is a property review portal which provides a platform for home buyers, property experts and other people in the real estate field to share and express their opinions, experience or any other feedback related to the properties.

We are serving our clients by providing the information about the current trend and exposure about the Pre-launch, soft launch, ongoing, ready to move properties. Visitors of our portal can also get the detailed information about the Price, location, specification and builder information.

Our unbiased user driven reviews will help home-buyers to get more information about the projects